error C2011 : 'struct' type redefinition

Hi, I'm trying to compile someone else's code. The problem is, he used gcc to compile, but I need to compile it with visual c++ 2003 (I need to include the code in some other project). When compiling, I get multiple error C2011: StructName: 'struct' type redefinition.
From what I can gather, this would happen if the compiler tried to include the same file multiple times. However, there is the classic
#ifndef _FILENAME 
#define _FILENAME
//code here

tag around the code where the problematic struct can be found. From what I understand, with such a tag, the code shouldn't be included more than once, so why do I get that error?
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It's probably not related to that, then. Can you show us the rest of your code?

Maybe you have the same problem as this person. In the first result when I Google "'struct' type redefinition", the victim is trying to compile a program that works in gcc but not visual c++. The solution:
"Visual C++ seems to have a problem with #include<iostream.h> but instead will only allow me #include<iostream>"

Tell us: are you including <iostream.h>? That may be the problem.
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I can't show the rest of the code because it's incredibly large and I have no idea where the problem is (as I said, it's not my code), so I can't really show you just the relevent part.
I'll check though, I think I've seen some "include <somefile.h>" in there. I'll see if it fixes the problem.

-=edit=- there were no <iostream.h>, but when looking at the many errors I had other than the one mentioned earlier (I initially ignored them, since most seemed to spawn from the first error), I found that there is a #include <values.h> and visual c++ can't find that file... Why is that?
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I don't think values.h is a standard file...but you might also want to check if you are including the same file multiple times, because that might cause the error.
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