unable to compile VS2012 ultimate win8

Visual Studio 2012 ultimate on win 8.
Was able to get it to work (mostly) by fixing the reg attributes, but,...
(and this is where my lack of skills begins to show)
Where is the BUILD button ??? I know it was difficult to locate this feature in the 2010 version, and Yes, I've tried CNTL-SHFT-"B".

I'm unable to build my code.
PLS advise. TNX

btw, if anyone needs to know how to fix the 4.5.50709 problem, just let me know.
Have you tried any of the menu options under the Build menu at the top of the screen?
LB, Tnx. Yes, and sorry to say that I'm seeing strange activity there. Will remove and try a re-install. - May, in-fact, be forced to run an earlier version or some other compiler. :(
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