Need help with this assisgnment

The instructions are for me to develop a program that calculates the hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly salaries of an employee. Here's what i have so far.


project 7 program
November 14, 2012

The purpose of this program is to calculate the salaries of employees.

Calc ()
(x=b; x<=e; x=x+1)
Variable type represents
hrs_ double Hours
week_ double weekly
month_ double monthly
year_ double yearly


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
double hrs_, week_, month_, year_,;

void setup()

int main()

cout << "Please enter" << endl;
cout << "";
cout<< "hours ========>";
cin >> hrs_;
cout << "weekly ========>";
cin >> week_;
cout << "monthly =======>";
cin >>month_;
cout << "";


return 0;


Please dont be harsh im a noob.
A program will take inputs, and calculate outputs.

What are your inputs?

If you want the annual salary as an input, you can calculate your hourly and monthly rate:
int main()
  double annual_salary;
  cout << "Please enter annual salary: ";
  cin >> annual_salary;
  cout << "Hourly rate: " << annual_salary / 2000. << endl;
  cout << "Monthly rate: " << annual_salary / 12. << endl;

  return 0;
Thank you for the reply and the Input as said on my paper "The input will be Generated by the user of the program and consists of the beginning pay rate, the ending pay rate and the increment to the beginning pay rate. The beginning pay rate must be edited to insure it is greater than zero, the ending pay rate must be edited to insure it is greater then the beginning pay rate, but less than 50.00. The incremental rate must also be edited to insure it is between 1.00 and 5.00.
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