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Hey everyone,

I am looking for a good book for an intermediate programmer that just got into c / c++. i understand OO concepts and programming fairly well and started on c++ about 2 months ago. What i need from a book are both 'tutorial' content and good / accurate documentation of all important language features so i can somewhat use the book for learning and as a reference.. The two books that i came up with are, as mentioned in the topic the C++ Primer by Lipmann et al and the C++ Primer Plus by Prata.
What are the differences? If you have experience with both, which one would you recommend? Are there any other books that you think are great?
Thanks a lot in advance.

ps: i m creating a new topic, because i find it very difficult to sift through posts on c++ books. there are a lot of different opinions and rarely does anyone explain why he/she formed this opionon. that leaves me haning in the air a little, so i am trying to get personal advice (;

edit amazon links:
c++ primer:
c++ primer plus:
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If I remember correctly, C++ Primer is bad and C++ Primer Plus is good. Edit: Swap that, see below. Expect more detailed posts below this one:
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The definitive post on C++ books is the one on SO:
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