native win 32 console application

i want to insert date in native win 32 console application their any date function present in it?if it then tell me method to use to make atrial version .and how to make programm working with date if date expire then how to p4revent programm from working? plzzz help me
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whts prblm?

Looks like the vowels on your keyboard have stopped working.
Are you sure that you sent all the file needed?

I usually just zip the whole the top most project folder( the folder that contains .sln file if the setting is default ).

If the project name is ABC and you didn't touched any setting of the visual studio, below is what they need to run the proejct.

folder ABC
folder ABC ( there is ABC folder inside the ABC folder)
AllSourceFiles.c or .cpp

.ncb, .suo, .user files are not necessary.
folders named Debug, Release are not necessary, neither.


Thumper is right, sorry. I misunderstood the question. These things are what you need when you compile it.
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That's because you have it compiled in debug mode. Their computer doesn't have the files necessary to run it.
In visual studio at the top of the screen, there should be a combo box that says "Debug". Click it, and select release. Recompile, and then your executable should work on your friends' computers, provided they have the VC++ redistributable installed.

they do not need any of the files kg1992 mentioned, unless they're compiling the project themselves.
i cant understand your answar plz tell me wht should i do to execute my native win32 console application on any computer.? plzz mention steps to resolve this prblm..after making application i used to make all files as zip and then send to my friends
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You must compile the project in Release mode and send exe file in Release folder.

If you look at the toolbars(right below the menu bar) there is a combo list box says "Debug". (Next to it might say Win32) If you click the box, you will see the "Release".
thnx friends i m suceede i chose release version then a release folder formed and it can execute on any computer
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