Code Tags please

Is there any chance the administrators of this lovely site put a notice to advice forum users (especially newbies) to use code tags?

I have come across a couple of programmers always making this statement before even starting to help.

Perhaps a short notice to all users will help.

Click this less than and greater than sign
Format: <>

and paste your code between these

[.code] .... [./code]

It does help the busy helpers to diagnose and resolve our petty C++ problems.

Many thanks.
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There's already something like that, people just don't bother to read it.
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The should have a little javascript function that searches for common C++ statements, stuff like #include, #ifndef, cout, using namespace std;, stuff like that. And if it finds these statements and it can check for code tags and return an error with an explanation if it's not in them.

or something
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