Guidance for small gaming programs in C++

Greeting everyone

This is my 1st post in this website
i found this website very interestingly with good number of programmers,
I am new to c++,I want to create 2-D games using C++.
But i lack guidance for it,So i request a small help from you guys who is good at gaming programming,
I don't Expect a large help just small guidance would be great.
Thank you for your time and support

with regards
Start with the SFML tutorials:
Thank you for replying

As i said i am new to c++,
and i am still learning it in my college.
at the moment i can understand upto all c++ basics and in DS stacks,queus,linked lists,double linked lists,trees(not completely)
i am a student,and in my college education system it is like bookish and for marks sake, i am tired of it.
so i thought of learing c++ computer gaming bymyself.
it would be great if you guide me to learn few topics or provide few links for tutorials

with regards
SFML allows you to load and display images, react to keyboard/mouse input and to play sounds. This library and some C++ basics (the more, the better) are already sufficient to make simple 2D games, you don't need anything else.
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Glad to hear that
and thanks for it you are a BIG help :)
Unfortunately the downloads from the link you provided are not working
can you provide an alternate solution.

with regards
They all work.
it is saying
"Oops! Google Chrome could not find"
maybe the link is not available in my country INDIA
Sourceforge has many mirrors, so you might want to try a different one (click on "try another mirror").
i tried them but didn't worked
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