Hash table

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1) Implement a class called HashTableChained, a hash table with chaining. HashTableChained implements an interface called Dictionary, which defines the set of methods (like insert(), find() and remove()) that a dictionary needs.
insert() an entry (key + value) into a hash table.
find() an entry with a specified key.
remove() an entry with a specified key.
isEmpty() return the size() of the hash table (in entries).
makeEmpty() removes every entry from a hash table.

There are two HashTableChained constructors. One constructor lets applications specify an estimate of the number of entries that will be
stored in the hash table; the other uses a default size. Both constructors should create a hash table that uses a prime number of buckets. In
the first constructor, shoot for a load factor between 0.5 and 1. In the second constructor, shoot for around 100 buckets.

2) Impalement a class to test your hash table class, make sure to test it with sufficient number of entries and print out your test report

We won't do work for you, but we can help you. Try to do the work yourself and then post your code with a question when you get stuck and don't know what to do. At least ask a specific question.

Also, impalement made me laugh. Someone getting impaled by something: impalement.
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