Problems after using the NTL library

Hello, everyone! I'm using the NTL library to simulate an attack on the GGH cryptosystem with LLL lattice reduction. My code was running well, but suddenly I got error messages like these: "can't free this _ntl_gbigint" and "can't free this _ntl_verylong". Then I noticed that there were problems even with simple computations with int variables. In the code below, if I assign the values 2 and 3 to the variables a and b, the value returned by the multiplication is weird, something like a 300-digit number.

int main(){
int a,b,c;
cin >> a;
cin >> b;
c = a*b;
cout << c << "\n\n";}

I'm using Code Blocks 10.05, and my OS is Linux Mint 13 64 bits. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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