make a movie with c++

Hi guys,

I am Nicola, a new user.
I am writing a program in c++ about heat dissipation. I refresh the temperature matrix using a for loop and I want somehow create a movie with this matrix. to be more clear:

matrix at time zero = first frame
matrix at time one = second frame
matrix at time n-th = n-th frame

and then with the frames I want to make a movie.

I have no clue on how do that, please help me !


What do you mean by movie? Like do you just want to display the matrix at n time intervals?

every matrix has an x and y coordinates and the value, so it is like an image, a frame. I refresh this matrix with a for loop so now it is not saved anywhere. I mean, after the loop this matrix contains only the information about the last step of the for loop. at first I thought to save the matrix as txt file at every iteration but it is not a good idea. I would have a lot of txt files and I still don't have idea on how make a "movie".

yes, I mean that at time 0 i see the matrix at time zero, at time 1 i see the matrix at the next iteration
You'll need some sort of graphics library or API, and just process the data in matrix to be displayed however you like.
ehm, ok, but... how ? I have never used graphics library or API ( don't even know what it is)
That's kind of an involved question that no one can really answer if you don't even know what a graphics library is, but here's a link to one:

It's pretty solid and easy to pick up. Documentation is pretty good as well.
Thanks, now I started to read about it but I will sure need help :)
This sort of thing is best done using one of the many imaging and animation libraries.

Here's a thread in which a simple library is used to create BMP images:

There are many more such libraries to pick from.

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