its my assignment and i know it is definitely wrong to call people to help me finish this.
its because my father and mother were gone because of a car accident .
i have to use lots of time to deal with complicated things so i have no time to do... and the dead line is 29/11...

anybody can help me to finish this,thank you all...
If that ACTUALLY happened (I'm not accusing you of lying) then I'm sure your professor/teacher will be more than happy to give some more time.

- Kyle
it is true,i have asked my professor before and he said its not fair to other classmate and i am an exchanger to this university .
the dead line is 29/11 and i have to leave at 4/12. i cant postpone it..
Oh, okay... In that case would you mind copy/pasting your code? I know I, and maybe some others, are not all too comfortable downloading files from weird sites...

- Kyle
dude,thank you for your helping,i just upload the photo of my assignment's question please wait a moment

thankyou kyle... everything came too suddendly...
i gotta do my math assignment , basis logical circuit assignment
two lab report about circuit..
i gotta finish this before i finish my exchange otherwise i am going to defer...
nothing i can say but thankyou.
p.s. i am an computer engineering student,its hard to carry this when its near the end of the semester.
kyle, its my email,sptang7@student.cityu.edu.hk
thankyou. :)
The task description seems rather clear and detailed. So exactly what is your problem with it?
Look at the reply, ... I really got lots of thing to do so I want DB to help me to do this task.... please... I know its not good
may anyone help me...
It doesn't sound like you want help with this at all, rather it sounds like you want someone to do the task for you.
If not, where is the code you have already written and where do you still have problems?
The op has no intention of doing the assignment himself.
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