Need C++ rows and columns program

Hello guys

First of all to be clear I am not familiar with C/C++ so I need the full code of C++.

I need a following program:

To be a 100 columns and 200 rows

In each of them the program to show only the prime numbers.

i.e. Row 0 = Prime numbers from 0-1000
Row 1= Prime numbers from 1001-2000
Row 2= Prime numbers from 2001-3000
All that way untill 200 rows.

So if someone can help me and send me the code of this one, I need it urgently.

Thank you in advance !
This actually sounds like a very appropriate introductory problem for someone who's just starting out with C/C++, so don't be too scared of it. Give it a go, and if you run into problems, post your code here and we'll try and help you fix any problems with it. Good luck!
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