How did you learn C++?

Please only people who know how to program well in c++ answer. Ive been looking for good sources to learn from but it seems that for every 1 good book there are 10 that are made by incompetent people. Do I really have to go to school to learn this? Please suggest any good books or websites for a beginner, or just tell me how you learned. Thanks
Learning C++ is easy enough. It's just some syntax. The difficulty is in learning to program, and that's much harder.

Norvig does well talking about it:
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That's a pretty solid read, Moschops. I haven't read that before.


Just go and actually program. Forget books (ok well maybe get one solid book. C++ Primer by Lippman is a good one), just go out and write something. Think of something that sounds kind of challenging and cool and then go and try. It doesn't matter if you fail and have to rewrite it a few times, we've all done that, just the experience of actually expressing problems in the syntax of a given language and developing working algorithms will get you much further than a book ever will.
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I recommend using C++ primer and Accelerated C++ together if your looking for some good books. What I did was worked my way through Accelerated C++ and used C++ Primer for a reference and for when the other book didn't go into a lot of detail or I didn't get the way they were explaining something.

The books will help but like Moschops and Resident said you need to get in there and start programming to learn it. Make sure you challenge yourself with new things, and dont be afraid to screw up while trying new things. And if you do get some books ALWAYS DO THE EXERCISES.
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