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I have a Project to my University but I can't understand it, can any one help me plz to solve this project :
Project Title:
Company System Program
Consider a company system which has a menu offers the following options:
1. Add new employee.
2. Update a department sales.
3. Show the sum of sales for a department in a month
4. Show the average of sales for all three departments in a week
5. Print the departments' information.
6. Exit

a)If option 1 is chosen, the main function passes one-dimensional array named employeeNames and one-dimensional arrays named departments to a function ADD. This function prompts the user for a new employee's information (name, department) and add them to these two arrays:

a.1 eployeeNames array: is a one-dimensional array with one columns which stores the name and a maximum of 100 rows (employee) where each row stores a single employee.

b.1 department array: is a one-dimensional array a maximum of 100 employee which stores the employee's department.
The function will return TRUE if the employee is added successfully, FALSE otherwise , then the main will print the new arrays.

b)If option 2 is chosen, the main function prompts the user to enter the department number (DN) and the week (W)to be updated. Then it passes DN , W and ONE two-dimensional array named sales to a function UPDATE. This function will search for the department and the week, prompt the user for a new sale and then updates Department's information.
The function will return TRUE if the department is updated successfully, FALSE otherwise .

c)If option 3 is chosen, the program should ask the user to specify which department he's interested in by displaying the following message:
(Choose a department to compute its sales per a month: (Press 1 for Dep 1, Press 2 for Dep 2, Press 3 for Dep 3))

d)If option 4 is chosen, the program should ask the user to specify which week he's interested in computing its average by displaying the following message:
(Choose a week compute the average of sales of all 3 departments in: (Press 1 for week 1, Press 2 for week 2, Press 3 for week 3, Press 4 for week 4))

e)If option 5 is chosen, the main function passes the sales array to a function PRINT. This function prints all the information for each department in the company. (BONOUS)

f)If option 6 is chosen, the main function stops immediately.

•The Arrays:

0 Ahmad
1 Nasser
2 Khaled
3 Fahad

0 1
1 2
2 3
3 1

Dep/Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Department 1 12000 13500 10000 14000
Department 2 34600 20000 18700 21400
Department 3 16500 11670 14320 17500

Thanks for All , I wish any one to help me , thanks ..
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what part do you not understand ?
all the program ^_^
I assume you're exaggerating. After all, some bits are written in plain English, with no programming terminology at all.

But if you don't even understand terms like "function" or "array", then you really need to go back to whatever introductory texts you're supposed to be learning from. These are very basic and fundamental concepts of programming, and you're not going to get anywhere without knowing the fundamentals.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's true. If you want to learn programming, you really do have to get a grasp on the basics. There are some C++ tutorials on this very site, so if your course texts aren't helpful, then maybe you could look there?
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