Fastest/efficient library for (2D) graphical application in C++?

Hi all,

I need to make a windows application nothing fancy - just simple menu etc.

However, I also need to be able to draw pixel colors to the screen (perhaps load from a bitmap image).

It must be as fast and efficient as possible - and if possible, easy to use.

What would you guys recommend?

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Um, sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing to do anything with graphics is "simple". Look in to OpenGL (I love it) or DirectX. Or just skip to a higher level library, like SFML (I'm using it... It's pretty good). What do you need/want it to do? Tell me your dream...

- Kyle
Sorry, I means the windows application (form) was simple. I don't need any fancy 3D functions etc.

I just need to make a simple windows form (buttons etc), and the ability to draw images to the window/screen.

I need something that is fast however (processing speed wise).

What's a popular option for something like this?
SFML is pretty nice... It has an entire section of their library dedicated to 2D. I don't know what you mean by a windows form, but you can make your own collision detection system... Image rendering is made easy though..
Good Luck!

- Kyle
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If you want something that's as simple as possible, you can just try to talk to the Windows API directly. It's hardly easy, but you may find it simpler than any of my next suggestions.

Otherwise, you can use a GUI toolkit such as wxWidgets or Qt. I wouldn't recommend it because there's a lot of setup involved in preparing to use them in a program. They're also huge. Qt takes several hours to build, and the core DLL it produces weights 5 MiB or so. It's probably not worth if you only need very simple functionality.
GDI+ is windows native and efficient enough for this work.
Open GL and DirectX are not for this kind of work. for creating buttons etc (controls generally), you need to do it yourself in GL and DX, or use something like GLUI.
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