Design an I-pad class

You are to design an iPad class.

Implement following classes:

class Camera;
class Phone;
class WebBrowser;
class Mp3Player;
class DVDPlayer;
class iPad : public Camera, public Phone, public WebBrowser, public Mp3Player, public
DVDPlayer ;

And inside proper classes, following methods:
void takePhoto();
void makePhoneCall(string number);

Also, write a constructor for iPad class that calls the super classes’ constructor and write a
main() function to test your code.
So have you made any attempt at this assignment? What's the problem?
Actually I don't know how to do this question?? Em totally out of my mind! Plzz help me in this! :(
Oh come on, you must be able to do something. How long have you been studying c++? Are you doing a degree or are you still at school? What have you learnt so far?
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