how to read a table from a file

hi plz i need a help i wanna to read this file by using arrays any one can help?

77112233 Noor Hajiri Extreme 2150.4
77223344 Ali Qudsi Extreme 3100.2
77334455 Omar Ashour Extreme 3000.0
66123456 Hamad Salem Plus 900.3
66234567 Huda Murad Plus 1050.5
66345678 Sara kawari Plus 1000.0
33221133 Kamal Merri Lite 220.6
33221144 Jawhara Naimi Lite 260.0
33221155 Ahmad Jaber Lite 250.0
55112233 Faisal Gannam Easy 40.5
55112244 Maha Nahar Easy 55.2
55112255 Tarek Atallah Easy 50.0
thnx darkmaster ^_^

i already do it but i want to know how to read the table by using arrays :(

#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int main(){
cout<<"Mobile No First Name Last Name Pack Type Data Consumed in MBs"<<endl;
string table;
ifstream infile("customers.txt");
while (!infile.eof())

cout << table<<endl;
return 0;
what do you wan to save in that array?
where is your problem?
the question is that :
Read the customers file. [The program should load the data that is read from the file into arrays].
ok, and where excactly is the problem now?

you read the file line by line, seperate these lines and identify the parts of each line. then you save it in the corresponding array
can u please do it ? because i don't know how to use the arrays :(
cant do that at the moment, since i can't programm at this pc.
never mind really thnx for help ^_^
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