Copy part of char array to another !!!

I can't use string copy or mem copy because I need to copy in the middle.
i am iterating through a string, and when I get to the word i want, i need to copy that to a holding array. So from i to j for example.

char *string_1[50];
char *string_2[50];

string_2 = string_1[i-j] //copy from 10-15 for example
It's just
std::copy(string_1 + i, string_1 + j, string_2);
although memcpy/strcpy would also work
Your example is not in step with your question.

Are you dealing with a string (as your question states) or an array of strings, as per your example?

Depending on which you actually need, then strcpy, memcpy, or even strncpy might be of use.


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