Sending application with static libraries.

i am using MSVS 2010 Express, Visual C++. and i have the allegro libraries linked statically, i was wondering how i would send my application to my friend, but him be able to actually use the application without installing a bunch of libraries to his system folders, is that possible? the application is just the debug version, im not sure if making it release would change anything.

ive seen somewhere else that someone said you can make an installer, like you would see with any video game that you buy, but i don't know how to do that. any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Shipping your project with all dependent libraries in the same folder as the executable should do the trick for you.
ill give that a shot today, makes sense, thanks for the help sir!
Er, a statically linked library is compiled as part of your final executable.

A dynamically linked library is one that is in a separate file (.dll, .so, ...).

For making an installer, my favorite is Inno Setup

Hope this helps.
oh wow, that was very informative, thanks a bunch man!
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