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Hey all I was just wondering what everyone uses to write their programs? I use DEV C++ but is there a better one to use? Free or not.

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Dev C++ is an IDE, not a compiler. The compiler it uses is MinGW I think
My apologies. Correction made.
Personally, i'm a fan of Microsoft Visual Studio. There are express editions that you can get for free. Intellisense support on MSVS has gotten really good.

Code::Blocks is another free IDE, which I find way better than Dev-C++.
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I personally use Code::Blocks, but you should use what you think is best. I mean, Notepad can be used instead if your prefer.

I use Code::Blocks too. Gave a try to Visual Studio but didn't like it much. Couldn't find stuff in the settings windows and all its features seem overkill to me for the stuff I do
I use Geany because it's simple and lightweight. I don't use the project features. Instead I use makefiles for all my projects with more than one file.
Okay sweet thanks guys :D
I am trying to use code::Blocks but its telling the compiler doesnt exist. Where is it?
Code::Blocks is just the front end for the IDE. You have to either get the install that includes the compiler and linker binaries or get them separately. The binaries that come with the CB install package are outdated though, latest GCC version is 4.7.2 and has pretty good C++11 support.
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