account (username,password&information) in text file

hey guys i started to make a project about account banking


the user input their information (name , address , telephone and password to be saved)

program generates a random number to be their account number

all this data must be saved in a text file

and when he come again he input his account number and password

the program checks if the account number and password is valid or not

if valid he can edit his information ,deposit and withdraw money (he's asked the number)

OK my problem is how to check if account number and password is valid or invalid

for example the text file contains

first line is account number
second is password
third name
fourth address
fifth telephone

how i compare the user input(password) with the second line in the text line

and account number too

note that there are many accounts in the text file in the same order

and if the account number and password are valid

how to edit their specific information

thank u in advance :)

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