GIThub Version Control vs others.....

I've been looking into Github and I think most of the ideas are nice but I don't like the idea of having the source of my project being so easily viewed and inherently open source (in the free account). What are some good free alternatives to this? If my project got big I'd probably make a game and if it is successful I would put some of the tertiary components like a Game editor/Map Editer/Script Console into open source, but not the other way around.

Anyone have some good alternatives??
I've been using Subversion for a while, with the TortoiseSVN gui. It's not perfect but it's pretty good and is free.

EDIT: crap I was just thinking for version control, not for online source sharing. Disregard!
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bitbucket offers free private repos but limit the number of users to 5.
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