How to make a fast video player? (draw large images to screen)


I need to make a video player. I have sequences of image data (bitmaps) which are very large (1920x1080), and need to display them onto the screen at least 60FPS.

What is the most efficient way to do this so I won't get loading/displaying delays?

PS: I'm thinking to make this using DirectX (if that's a good idea?)

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If the sequences aren't very long, it would be best to send all frames to the video device in one go and keep them in textures. Then you just need to cycle through the textures.

I have to ask, though: do you really need to send 60 frames per second? Most video is clocked at 23-25 Hz.
You may make a series of Texture frame data then send them to render.
Good : High-rate (100, 200 frames etc, depended on your computer speed)
Bad : Memory.

I have a program which plays a video (above 60 FPS)...
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