help with final

hi i need some help on my final it says create an application that allows the user to enter a customer's account number.
The application should lookup name and balance based on the account number according to the following list: (NOTE: you will be given a new file of data to use during the final exam lab test)

program will need to read the disk file and separate each line into three fields of text, AcctNo, Name, Balance and either store the data into three parallel arrays, or a linked list of objects
There will be no spaces or tabs within a field.

Account# names balance

7221379 abula 970.51
6853921 allen 343.54
4215534 austin 76.78
5551298 bailey 4563.90
6224649 balovich 34.09
6502286 bates 543.34
8448936 battencourt 1234.23
2883903 blackbrun 767.90
6752376 boucher 844.23
3564698 brown 23.45
6373150 duncan 8759.89
6375372 estrada 3024.45
8736368 fernandez 7563.78
7218536 gallagher 3004.09
6681985 gonzales 5673.45
3909086 ha 3453.54
5221192 hernandez 7483.90
5901163 howard 356.45
2427821 john 435.67
6331655 jose 9009.45
and now you expect us to write that for you?
no im just looking for some help writing it using and array
but if you want to that would make it a lot easier
post what you have so far and what excactly your problem is.
so i have most of it done but im have a problem getting it to display just the account number and name and balance of one user. i can get it to read all the info in the file and display it but not to just read and display the needed account
just post your code

and please use codetags, that's this button: "<>"
thats the problem on my computer i dont have the program so ive been doing it at the lab at school so i was hoping some one could give me some help or pointers so i could finish it and turn it in tomorrow
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