Let's upgrade my ancient compiler!!!

Hi guys!!!

I decided to upgrade my very old compiler.(???) It's VS2005 SP1.
I want to know how many the most popular C++ compilers in the world are. Which the C++ compiler is best?
Is VS2005 very old? I see it's only missing some additional features, for example guys :
- long long int (64 bit)
- std::string::push_back
- clock - high resolution
And anything else?

Should I upgrade my compiler or not? I have no idea, because the "VS2005" still is my closest friend... :)
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A lot happened to C++ since 2005. See http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/history for some details

Get Visual Studio 2012 with November update, and you'll be pretty much up to date.
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Most importantly, C++11 has been introduced, which has many nice features:

Here's a compiler support comparison page:

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