GUI Toolkit for C++

So I'm new to C++ and I want to do some simple GUI programming using a toolkit. I don't want to use Qt, or WxWidgets, or the Windows Api (uhg!). Oh, and I don't want to use .NET or Visual C++.

Whats there?

GTK+ or ncurses.

If you're new to C++, I'd recommend learning about OOP concepts. A lot of other tool kits out there are designed with OO paradigm in mind.
ncurses isn't really a GUI framework... it's a console framework.

The two big, popular ones are wxWidgets and Qt... which you're already ruled out (why?). So I guess the next one up would be either FLTK or GTK+... although if you don't like wx I don't think you'll like GTK+ very much.
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