about dll dependency


i have a project that has msvcr90.dll dependency.
is there a way that i can embed msvcr90.dll in my exe without compiling it as /MT ?

or maybe invoke the dll using LoadLibrary - GetProcAddress ? something like that

thanks in advance
If you use LoadLibrary, that means you have msvcr90 with you. Anyways, msvcr90 comes with the right Visual C++ Runtime DLLs. You can pack the installer with it, or, if you don't want to, you can add the DLL as a resource to your project and extract it in a system directory like %WINDIR%\System32 .

If someone cannot find msvcr90d.dll, it means you are redistributing a debug build, and you should never redistribute a debug build of a program. The debug DLLs are only for Visual Studio users. If you build in release, those DLLs come with the VC++ RunTime.
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Why are you not willing to compile with /MT ? Is there any particular reason ?

If you still dont want to do that, use MinGW compiler, you will not have any depedency of that DLL and still use CRT features.
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