Multi-field dialog box variables into telnet.exe

Hello everyone!

I am very new to C++, and I have what I believe to be a fairly complex programming question:

I want to create an email with the telnet client (telnet.exe), connecting to the gmail server ( I wish to have a multi-field dialog box which has fields for all of the variables for telnet (MAIL FROM:, RCPT TO:, TO:, FROM:, SUBJECT:, DATA). Ideally, the data would then be inputed into variables by the user by way of the multi-field dialog box, then have the program input the variables into the telnet program and perform the telnet commands (MAIL FROM:, RCPT TO:, TO:, FROM:, SUBJECT:, DATA), then have it send the message and disconnect from the server. Is this even possible with c++? If so, an explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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