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I'm new to c++ and I want to create an infinite sheet on which a user could be able to write notes and place images. Can anybody suggest me a GUI library that I could use to do that?
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You're going to need to be a bit more specific. When you say your new to c++, have you any experience at all with it (or any other programming language) or are you a complete beginner?

By 'a sheet', do you just mean a white background? And a GUI that supports pictures and text?
I have experience with procedural programming languages such as C, but not much with Object Oriented Programming. I can write simple programs with classes, overload operators, use inheritance and polymorphism. I have never used a library other than the STL.

Now I wanted to make software that could create a file on which a user could write comments and place images. My guess was that I would need a GUI library for that.

I would appreciate if you could suggest me any tutorial that could make my mind clearer on this topic.

Thanks a lot for your answer!
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