IDE with best auto-completion & features?

I'm debating switching over from Codeblocks and to Codelite or Eclipse CDT. Should I get CDT or Codelite. I want to be able to easily integrate libraries and have extremely great auto-completion with the best speed (running). I don't care to much about the size of the executable that the IDE/Compiler produces I just want to know the best free IDE C++. Visual Studio Express, isn't cutting it with me and neither is the newer (12.11) release of Codeblocks from its flawed autocompletion in working with libraries such as DirectX.

It needs to be able to at least give me the parameterlist of the function that I call and the type 99% of the time at the right time.

Edit: I would like it to support the new C+11 standard but the previous standard is fine. Thanks in advance for answers/knowledge.
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I've only used Eclipse for Java, and it seemed decent for that. I use Code::Blocks primarily, though VS2012 is pretty nice I must say. You might check out dreamspark and see if you can pick up a free copy of the professional version.
For C++ nothing beats VS20XX + Visual Assist but it is not free.
aquaz wrote:
but it is not free
Check out microsoft Dreamspark. If you're a student, it is.

I'm a really big fan of Visual Studio. I've never had a problem with it. Some of it's features can be really comprehensive, and some I never (and will never) use. It's kind of like opening up Photoshop for the first time, where you haven't a single clue what any of the buttons do. Once you find your way around the program is fantastic, though.

Visual Studio 2012 supports a good deal of C++11 features. The most noticeable thing that it lacks in is initializer_list construction for STL containers; although it does support initializer lists in the latest compiler release, so you could make a wrapper class for STL containers if you really wanted to (and I did, lol).

see these links for more C++11 features of VS2012:

and features of the most recently released VS2012 compiler:
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Having just read the feature of the new standard, I am ecstatic, I love initializer lists, and automatic type dedection, even the weird lambdas which seem to be replacing the "point" of having a function pointer. I think I will check out Dreamspark.

I haven't done much in VS 2012, my main reason for not using it is for code portability. Its code-completion has always been decent but it seems glitchy on 2012, in terms of speed and responsiveness at the right time (instantaneous). I can't afford Visual Assist, I'm just looking for the perfect IDE to complete large projects using. It seems to me that Visual Studio is better at parsing files than Codeblocks, but Codeblocks is more responsive and precise for what code it does auto-complete (quickly).
Check out microsoft Dreamspark. If you're a student, it is

I was reffering to Visual Assist, by Whole Tomato, a VS20XX plugin. It really make C++ coding an enjoyable time.
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