Mouse handling

Hello everybody!

I have recently started game programming and although the graphic part works fine, the event handling is a mess.

All the information on mouse events handling that I can find uses the int86 function and the REGS union. From what I understood these are old and deprecated, and not longer available. They should be in the dos.h header file but no modern compiler has a dos.h with these. If I try to get an old dos.h, it only has the prototype of the int86 function, not the actual code.

Does anybody know anyway around? Can anybody point me in the right direction for a tutorial/etc?

Thank you very much!
With what library you worked on graphics part?
Did you use graphics.h header file?It is deprecated just like dos.h
If you are using OpenGL, use glut for event handling including mouse, keyboard etc.
Get a lib designed for this kind of thing. Like SFML or SDL.
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