C++ and shapefil.h


I have problem with .shp files. I open this file and I read information with SHPGetInfo() but I don't know how draw shapes in this file.

This is my code:

if(0 == (this->UPlikuShape = SHPOpen("PlikShape/Polska.shx", "rb")))
MessageBoxA(0, "Nie moge otworzyć pliku shp", "Error", MB_OK);
//Odczytuję informację z pliku i pobieram informację o pliku
SHPGetInfo(this->UPlikuShape, &this->UPlikuShape->nRecords, &this->UPlikuShape->nShapeType, this->UPlikuShape->adBoundsMin, this->UPlikuShape->adBoundsMax);
this->Uksztaltu = *SHPReadObject(this->UPlikuShape, this->UPlikuShape->nRecords-1);

Thank you for every answered.
Sorry dear,,,, i have no Any Idea this time...
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