run time code

hello every body

would you please help me with this problem?

there is a big confusing question in my mind about running c++ codes in run time !!!
how we can create a editor program with c++ that user can type semi c++ code in it, and run them on the fly.....

function shoot()

also i had a reaserch about LUA,angelscript,python........ but they are so complicated...i just wanna keep it simple...also i want my code compiler to support classes......what should i do?
I don't know much about angelscript or python, but LUA can handle classes. It just uses a different syntax than C++.

What you are looking for is a scripting language (just like any of those languages you just mentioned). C++ is not a scripting language, however you can try to extend an existing scripting language to accept your C++ classes. An example may be:
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