Qt Installation

I've downloaded Qt from their website.
I downloaded: Qt libraries 4.8.4 for Windows (VS 2008, 233 MB)
I was enjoying a tutorial on how to use it but some features seemed to be missing from Visual Studios, one important one was the "go to slot" option.
I've now downloaded Qt creator to give it a try but the "Qt C++ Project" option is missing and there is no signs of "Qt Gui Application".

Is there something else I need to download to get this working?

Thanks for any help!
http://qt-project.org/ has excellent forum, you might get better answers over there.
it's listed above the visual studio projects. maybe you just missed, happens to me every once in a while :D.

also you should start Visual studio with Qt and not just visual studio
I'm sorry for my English in advance, because I'm from Kazakhstan, Karaganda.
I'd like to help you with installing Qt with Visual Studio. Look, I always use Visual Studio 2010, Qt 4.7.0 or so.
For correct installation you should have Visual Studio (but not Express version), VS-AddIn, Qt libraries for VS 2008 or 2010. Optionaly - Visual AssistX (but I can tell you how to use IntellIsence for this purpose).

Ask me if you need more detailed information, Thanks
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