Program to print out x, y click coordinates?

Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to C++, and am interested in automating something where I work. My situation is:

I use the AS/400 warehouse system, and I need to be able to automate typing one letter in several different locations to speed things up.

My thoughts are:
1. Find out how to make a program that will determine x, y coordinates of mouseclicks, and then use software to use macros to change information.
2. Build a program that will complete a single process by repeating set mouse clicks and keystrokes.

If there is anything anyone can do to help lead me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. We recieve HUGE transfers from a warehouse across the country, and have to change the first character of the name of bin locations - and after a few pages it gets VERY tedious. Thanks everyone, I look forward to your input.
first you cant do this with basic console c++. you need an API once you find one then we can help you continue on
what OS does the AS/400 run I can only find stuff about hardware specific crap. I can help you find an API if I know what OS you have on it
im not really good w/ ibm's OS's but I know if it OS400 is like a version of DOS you can use dos.h for muse needs if not youneed to find another api.

if all else fail I'd try Java
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