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Hi all
I am new in C++ and I just learning something

I am stuck on some operation math, I just learning from local website that provide problems question to solve.

Problem want to program to input a b c d and write the output a^b^c^d mod 101

for example:

the example input is 2 3 2 3 and then give output is 73. Input was a b c d, where a = 2, b = 3, c =2 and d = 3.

I calculate it from calculator and I got correct answer from calculator:

c ^ d = 2 ^ 3 = 8
b ^ 8 = 3 ^ 8 = 6561
a ^ 6561 = 2 ^ 6561 = 1,1423562217377937432834817564864e+1975

and then 1,1423562217377937432834817564864e+1975 mod 101 = 73

the problem is, 1,1423562217377937432834817564864e+1975 always give me 1.#INF, I already use long double and it still giving me 1.#INF. It seem overflow..

is there another way to solve this? another datatype? or anything else?

Sorry if my English so bad, thanks
They want you to create a BigInt type, an integral type that holds very large numbers, then use that to solve the problem.
Thanks a lot!
I was using BigInt and It was working!

for who need Implementation of Bigint:
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