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Hey everyone I am new the these forums. I am a 5th year university student double majoring in Information Tech. & Administrative Management, and Computer Science. I am looking to start some projects outside of school to help build my portfolio and my experience and found one at work that I thought would be great but I need a little help getting pointed in the right direction because I had a hard time finding resources online.

So I work for a radio station as their webmaster, and we have been looking into online streaming options for the last few months for our website. Pretty much everyone charges a monthly fee for this type of service and I feel like it is something I am capable of doing myself.

At the station we have a computer dedicated to operating the music/talk. On this computer there is a program that ques all the music, ads, ect.. This would be my audio source: Either the program playing all the music, or the computer itself.

The problem I have been pondering all night is how would I access this input source? The only audio input I am familiar with accessing is .mp3 or .wav files. How can I code my program to access this audio the program is producing and stream it to people on the web?

All help is appreciated.
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Use IceCast. It is open source and free of charge (of course you need to have your own server with enough internet bandwith).
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