Dynamic Linking of TWO softwares for CO-Simulation

Am on a Project Training. And my Project is to Dynamically Link 2 Softwares for Co-simulation n C/C++. So that Output of One Software becomes Input of Other automatically . at present we input the parameters manually in both the softwares . what to do so that it pck up values itself and gives the output by solving each and evrything at once in both the softwares .Please guide me
It depends on the format of the output/input.
actually we input the parameters and the software solves and gives the output......and we have to manually input these outputs into other software.
so what i require is that we do not need to manually input in 2nd software. it automatically picks them up and gives the output.

as we have two softwares as i already told above.
i want the guidance on how to co-simulate (interlink) these two softwares?
You may use a `pipe'
- you manually enter inputs to first software
- outputs of first software comes out stdout (my assumsion)
- you can read the stdout of first software, and store it and re-format it if required
- then start the second software and pass that re-formatted data into stdin of the second software. (second software may also take inouts from startup arguments)

Further Reading:
- stdin/stdout/stderr IO channels
- startup arguments (main function parameters)

You may use a `pipe'
using a 'pipe' will require modification to existing first and second software
┬┐what modification?
$ ./a.out | ./b.out
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