Dev C++ multiple files compilation

Hi! Sorry I'm a newbie.
I have downloaded an open source project programmed in C++. The project has multiple CPP and header files in different directories.

Now if I make some changes in any file, how do I recompile the project using Dev C++ and generate a new executable?

Please help.. thanks
Either start a new project and add all files (make sure not to change relative paths), and then edit them, or open project/solution/workspace file provided with the source code - this should load all files to your IDE (example extension is .vcproj for projects created in Visual Studio).
Thanks JockX..

actually i should have given more information. The project not only has cpp and header files but also many xml files, png files and other godforsaken daunting extentions like .elmt, .desktop, .conf etc.

How do i take care of these?
You really shouldn't have to care about them individually. For such complex projects there MUST be some project file provided. The only problem is that you might be using different IDE than original author, and they may not have included project file compatibile with your IDE. There is also the question of additional dependencies, such as external libraries, that are not part of the source code, but are needed to successfully compile the project. You need to get more information at the source (meaning author - not his work ;) - or look for "HowToBuild.txt" :).
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Thank you so much for your help!!
Will ask the author...
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