Get file name in C++

I`m now learning Allegro 5 in C++, and now I`m using "sprite sheets" to make animations. I have idea to make program, that makes sprite sheets from many files. I made program, that can stick together 8 bitmaps into 1. But I want to make the program to put into the code file names from folder, where I put the pictures for animation. So I would like to know, How can I read the file names and put them in variables in the program, so I can use them without making changes in program, just running .exe file?

Like I have 64 files named - "west 000.bmp", "west 001.bmp",...,"west 007.bmp";
"east 000.bmp", "east 001.bmp",...,"east 007.bmp" - and so on. And I want to read all these file names from one folder(it can be on desktop, doesn`t matter) and I would like to make 1 "*.bmp" file with 8x8(64) frames - with all these pictures without writing file names into the program.
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