Simple program

Hey guys,
I am very new at c++ programing and I need a simple program,
maybe you have the code I need:

"My.exe" program opens C:\iexplore.exe every 3 minutes for 4 times, and kills all open browsers and starts process all over again (or runs the same My.exe and closes itself)

If you do not have the code I would appreciate any valuable links where I could find info and manage this myself.

Thank you very much !

Sounds malicious ;), but who keeps iexplore.exe at c:\\ ? :)
I wrote that directory just as sample, of course it is in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer :)
btw, who makes you think iexplore.exe is what you think ? :) Even if i wrote and kill all open browsers it might not be a browser :)
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Give up kid
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