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Why is it that we get so many people on here with pleas for help with their homework assignments? When I used to get homework/assignments, it was always based on what you had been taught and was basically an exercise for you the scholar to show your tutor that you had understood what had been taught etc.

Some of us that are quite capable programmers, be it in C, C++, C#, VB, VB.NET etc... learnt, that is to say LEARNT, the art of programming through hard work and study, trial and error. We didn't gain this knowledge by luck. For my part I studied C, C++ both prior to, while studying for a degree in Computer Science, and mostly after through experience.

So, my advice to all prospective programmers, if you are stuck on a particular homework assignment, go over what you had been taught on the subject, try and try again at solving the particular problem, and if, only if, you are stuck post a question on this forum explaining the problem and the particular part you are stuck with and PLEASE include the section of code YOU have written that doesn't quite work as intended. You should then be greeted with loads of help and no doubt you will then be able to work out where you went wrong and correct the code YOURSELF. It is only through such practice that you will really learn. Make sure you understand how all the code you write works.
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If people who get help here are able to get an answer much faster than people who spend hours trying to "figure it out", then I don't see a problem with that. My goal as a programmer is to be as efficient as possible. So if I get a problem and the answer does not come to me immediately, I am out looking for help. But what to do now is that when you get the help, to ask the person who helped you to explain their methods to you.

Learning should have the pride factor associated with it, but when you are spending hours trying to find a solution which someone else might already have, you are being inefficient and in the end, it is only those who got the help they needed and learned from that help will be the ones who are successful programmers/learners.
I am with ajh32, you learn much more from trial and error that by someone giving you the answer. That is unless you study (as in make 110% sure you know exactly why and what is happening) the answer you have been given.

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