"unresolved external symbol"

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Wonder what the Dbghelp.lib has to do with it

Because he is using:


and this requires the Dbghelp.lib etc... see:

Okay, so I am doing everything you are but mine still wont work. I haven't made any changes, someone else suggested adding that header file - I took it back out.

Well on my PC the following:


is mapped to the following path:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\7.0A\

In Configuration Properties\VC++ Directories\Library Directories has:


along with all the other default settings.

So as long as you have the Dbghelp.lib etc in the above folder the linker should find them ok.
I do, so I don't understand why yours will compile but mine wont? /headscratch

Do you have any other plugins or library packs or anything like that?

Do you have any other plugins or library packs or anything like that?

No, my setup is all default as set when VS was installed. I presume you are running Windows 7 also? Have you checked the folder as above for the required lib file etc?
Yes, the .lib file is in there...
Any other suggestions?
Perhaps this is a stupid (and useless) observation...
I noted that your included file is DirDialog2 but the "unresolved reference" is for CDirDialog2.... is it possible that your problem is simply you had mis-wrote somewhere the class name?

PS: I cannot help more becouse I don't know Windows API (I use Qt when I need to develop a "win" program)
Odd... ajh32 sent me his copy of my code that works for him with the same software. Still no go for me...
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