Looking for tree string search program

This is not a homework assignment. Would like this for my own use.

I have 80,675 Files, 8,213 SubFolders.

I would like to search each file for a string, which will be last name.
matches string, outputs path/filename, either to screen or a output file.

I have done this to a single file but never to multiple files and folders.

If you have one that does something like this I would be most grateful if you could send it to me or post a link for me to see it.

In linux/most unix systems there are a lot of commands that could do this for you

grep -rl "search_string_here" *
grep -rl "search_string_here" /directory/path
egrep -rl '^'word_starts_with...'['contains numbers in range...']'
echo * | cat | grep -rl "search_string_here"

awk, sed, find, etc

In windows, you can try dirent.h include. It deals with files and directories
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Thx, I think you put me on the right path.

Will read on that more tomorrow.
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