SFML and OpenGL On the Screen At the Same Time?

Simple True or False:

Can you have something such as a SFML rendered Fps Counter on an SFML-OpenGL window the same time as there is a OpenGL rendered cube?

I don't know if you can, because It is not mentioned anywhere... Thanks in Advance

(I followed your guys' advice about the VBO's And it was very helpful!)
SFML has built-in support for OpenGL, I don't understand your question.

Use SFML to create the canvas/window. Let SFML set the context, etc. Then switch over to OpenGL and do your rendering normally. Before displaying the image, switch back to SFML's renderer, print your FPS or whatever else you want... then do the final "display()" with SFML.

Call App.PreserveOpenGLStates(true) once at the beginning of your program.

After that call, you're free to mix your 3D OpenGL with SFML as much as you want.
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