General Orginisation of Code

Hi all! Just very general question.

How do you organize your code generally? Where you throw all your functions, how do you organize them. Do you pop them all in one separate .c file? Or separate them into their own categories?

How do you format your code like this?
printf("hello\n\nHI %i",x);

Or like this? ( This is what I do )
printf ( "hello\n\nHI %i", x );

I usually find that my code gets messy after while of working on it, and Im just wondering how you guys of this forum set out your code. Tell me ( and others ) how you do your code, your preference!

Many Thanks! Super_Stinger
I use Xcode. Function headers uptop and function definitions below main. "command + A" to select all, "ctrl + i" to indent. I only use header files when the code gets too long like over 200 lines
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