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In MSVC++ how do i set it to where it will finish what im typeing like say i create a class with class name function getthehighestinteger and i type part of it then it has a scroll down where i can click on it or push enter to put the rest of the word?

How to autocomplete
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Should do it automatically.

To be honest, though, it's pretty poor on anything that isn't VS2012.
This feature is probably called intellisense.

It probably doesn't work if you open a .cpp file directly. Try opening the .cpp file's solution file (.sln) or project file (.vcproj).

What is your MS VC++ version?
Mine is '2008 Express Edition'.
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2010 i did look at the intellisense but it just had autocomplete for the #include directives only....idk why though

and by the way i did open the project file
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