I use g++ compiler and need some tips on how to get started with making a c++ GUI. The project I have will need a gui that will allow the user to conveniently invoke executables (the command-line args they take are long and invonvenient to enter manually) and basically print their output streams into a control (e.g. read only textbox). There will be a few graphics involved too (the input for those graphics will be from a file), so I'll need a library that will allow drawLine methods (nothing too fancy, I don't need a gaming library). Any suggestions?

In fact in general I need a beginners guide to making a GUI in c++. In Java the ability to make a GUI is a part of the native library, so the c++ way seems foreign to me.
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There are a bunch of ways to make a GUI.

Three from the top of my head: with
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I personally would recommend QT5 for this, its great for making GUI's and also adds onto C++ with pretty sweet features (I LOVE QString), also since you are just beginning it also has a designer in it (drag and drop GUI maker) that can make a pretty simple GUI easily. It is also very well documented
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