Where is DirectX SDK installed by default?

So a long time ago I messed around with DirectX but I don't remember where it gets placed by default. I want to just get rid of the SDK and get the up to date version of it.
Mine is in
C:\Program Files (x86)
Did you install it manually?

It should be possible to remove it using Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs?


PS You are aware that there is no longer a distinct DirectX SDK?

Where is the DirectX SDK? (Windows)

Starting with Windows 8, the DirectX SDK is included as part of the Windows SDK.
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Well I don't have Windows 8. Nor do I plan on getting it. Unless this means starting with Windows 8, ALL Windows platforms have it included.

It's not in add/remove programs.
The Windows SDK for Windows 8 is the version of the SDK which supports Windows versions up to Windows 8. It can be used to build apps for earlier versions of Windows, too. (#defining WINVER, etc can ensure you don't inadvertently use Windows 8 specific calls)

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