Hi guys

I have a situation where I have 2 programs. One program computes mathematical calculations and at one stage in those calculations it produces an array with co-ordinates that I then want to graphically display on a screen (i.e. remap those co-ordinates to pixels on the GUI and color them in). Now as far as I see I have 3 options...

1. IPC (shared memory).
2. Spend a lot of time transporting the source code from the maths program to the program I want to use to draw the GUI.
3. Tell the maths program to write the co-ordinates to a file and read that file from the gui process and then draw the points to screen.

3 is by far the easiest but I feel 1 would be more efficient and would be more useful for me to learn. Has anyone got any tips on how to achieve this type of IPC?
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